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Rainbow Lawn Sprinklers will design and install a complete or partial landscape irrigation system. Our highly qualified service consultants will develop a detailed plan, providing layout of all sprinklers, valves and timers. Our installation team will carefully and professionally install the system in a timely fashion, providing minimum disruption to your landscaping.

Trouble Shooting
Troubleshooting irrigation systems can be a normal part of your daily routine or it can become your worst nightmare. Although a sprinkler system is rarely noticeable when operating properly, it is always noticed when it malfunctions. A Rainbow Sprinkler trained service consultant can troubleshoot the malfunction and offer a variety of solutions to suit your setup and your budget.

Offering a full line of RainBird products, Rainbow Lawn Sprinkers' highly qualified service consultants can repair all kinds of sprinkler installtions. Get your system back up and running quickly by hiring Rainbow Lawn Sprinklers today!

We will winterize your irrigation system by completely blowing out all water from all components, preventing damage due to freezing.

Spring Startup
In spring we will turn your system back on and perform a complete system review ensuring that all components are functioning properly.

We offer free estimates based on your needs. Click here to view our Residential Service Request Form or our Commercial Service Request Form.

We offer several different pricing plans and service contracts.

We accept VISA, Master Card, check or cash for service or installation.